Signal Integrity Analysis:
In today’s generation Signal Integrity plays major role in the electronic products, because of revolution in the electronics market, digital circuits are operating at higher and higher clock speeds.A growing number of companies are experiencing sharp upturns in unit level as well as system level signal integrity and timing issues that result in project delays and increased product development costs. Many of these companies do not have in-house signal integrity analysis expertise, or the time to run extensive analysis cycles.

SBL Technologies offers a thorough Signal Integrity Analysis service with accurate prediction of realistic worst-case system margins. This in turn allows our customers to reduce the risk of integrating the latest high-speed interface technologies into their products, which will help directly in saving development cost and reducing the risk percentage.

Our services include:

  • Pre-route and post-route Signal Integrity Analysis
  • Complex Multidrop/Multipoint topologies simmulation.
  • Stackup and material selection Validation of logic level, Drive strengths, Termination techniques, Thresholds, Over/Under shoot, Propagation Delay, Noise margin etc.Slew rate, Timing Budget(setup/Hold time), EYE Diagrams etc
  • Cross talk analysis and mitigation methodologies.
  • SerDes/DDRx/XAUI/PCIe interfaces simulation

With SBL technologies Signal Integrity Analysis service, we will assure that, you can get reliable, cost-effective products to market faster while reducing your development costs.


Thermal Analysis:

  • Simulation of board thermal behavior
  • Hot spot identification
  • Heat sink and cooling proposals
  • Metal core and thermal ladder PCB designs
  • Major heat transfer mechanisms analysis viz., Conduction, Convection,Radiation
  • Detailed reports indicating component and board temperature profiles